Special Presentations

Created with Your Soldiers in Mind

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program represents the voice of the single Soldiers. If you're a single Soldier, BOSS members advocate for you by advancing quality of life issues, both on the installation and in the barracks, to senior leaders on post and throughout the Army.

The following Life Skills programs are available for presentation on your post.

Each program listed below is approximately 50-75 minutes long. If you have additional related topics in mind, please contact Del. He's constantly seeking new ideas, and will develop a special program to meet your specific needs.

Del is pleased to announce his latest innovation--  Instant Assessment!TM  At the end of each program, participants can complete an online assessment tool by using their smartphone, iPad/tablet, or computer.  The results will be available immediately, and can be provided to you as an excel spreadsheet and in graphic form complete with statistical analysis.  No more tabulating paper surveys and evaluations!

Personal  Development Programs

Life Skills 101

(60 mins approx.)

Many soldiers excel at their job, yet struggle with life skills. Sometimes called “Adulting,” these are the abilities that everyone needs in order to live as a responsible grown up. Soldiers need to master some basic life skills in order to be successful. This session will touch on Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, and Grit-- five quick lessons to help you succeed in LIFE. 

Making More Time  With Time Management

(60 mins approx.)

Time management is a lie-- we can't manage time.  What we can do is manage how we use the time we have.  This program deals with the "Three P's of Time Management":  Planning, Prioritizing, and Procrastination.  After attending this program, your soldiers will have some solid and useful tools for utilizing their time, and getting more done

Avoiding Burnout

(60 mins approx.)

Burnout:  a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.
When the alarm clock goes off, do you hit the snooze button and roll back over?  Does your life and job remind you of the film "Groundhog Day"?  At one time you were excited about your role on base and eagerly embraced each day.  Wouldn't you like to keep that enthusiasm alive-- or bring it back to life? This session may be the answer.  Del Suggs, noted Leadership Development trainer, author and APCA "Best Campus Speaker" will inspire you with this quick lesson in Attitude Restoration.  Learn to recognize burnout in yourself, and some simple steps to regain the joy in your life and work.

Leading Through Service

(60 mins approx.)

In today's world, the gift of service may be even more valuable to many nonprofit organizations than philanthropy. Not everybody has the money to be a big-time philanthropist. You can support the causes you believe in with your service, while growing into a better leader. Learn how your own efforts can lead to positive changes within individuals, families, and the world-- while at the same time you are honing your own leadership skills. This session includes some basic leadership skills, achievement practices, goal setting, and successful motivations from a lifelong volunteer leader.

The Power of Interpersonal Skills

(60 mins approx.)

It is remarkable how important our interpersonal skills are in our lives. They effect every aspect of your personality and perception-- that is, how you are perceived by others. Interpersonal skills include everything from your manners and habits to your body language and posture to etiquette. Having good interpersonal skills can help to assure you get the promotion you deserve-- or a date for the weekend. They are that important.   This program will teach you the power of good interpersonal skills.

How To Do Anything TM

(60 mins approx.)

What do you want to do? Be an NCO? Be General of the Army? Fly a plane? Be a movie star? Teach? Travel? This session will give you the tools to reach your goals. Success is a matter of goal setting and developing a plan of action. Achieving your goals is really pretty simple...whether they are basic or lofty, material or spiritual. First you have to set a goal, then develop a strategy to accomplish it. But, of course, you have to stay motivated. This session is perfect for those soldiers who need some direction in achieving success in their career and in their life. 

How To Get Stuff Done!

(60 mins approx.)

Are you constantly crunched with duties and assignments? Do you have trouble staying on top of your personal responsibilities, assigned duties, and other tasks? All tasks are not created equal.  Del has formulated a new system:  A.C.O.R.N: Assemble, Clarify, Organize, Review, and Navigate.   In this presentation, you'll learn a quick and easy method of planning and prioritizing your tasks. Then you'll learn some simple ways to stay focused and motivated to complete your goals. Learn how to Get Stuff Done!  

The Business Of Music

 (60 mins approx.)

**A Special Topic of Interest to all your base musicians and performers!**

Designed to explain how the world of commercial music operates, it covers nearly all areas of music and entertainment. It includes live performance, recording and the record industry, publishing, radio, and more. It will explain the role of such professionals as personal managers, booking agents, entertainment attorneys, road managers, and others. It's a rare chance to "follow the money" from a voting member of The Recording Academy!