The philosopher Kierkegaard wrote that  "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." 

You might apply that to the career of Del Suggs.

He is the Highest Rated Speaker in the country, according to the Artist Report Cards submitted by campuses to Campus Activities magazine. Del was named a finalist for “Best Campus Speaker 2015” as voted by the member schools of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, an honor he won in 2010. He's also a finalist for “Best Speaker 2016” in the Campus Activities magazine Readers Choice Awards.

His latest publication is a journal article on assessment in the January/February 2015 issue of Campus Activities Programming magazine, published by the National Association for Campus Activities.

The second edition of his book Truly Leading:  Lessons in Leadership, was released in September of 2016. The book is a twenty-five chapter course in leadership skills, aimed directly at college and university student leaders.  It has received high praise from those in the higher ed community. The original version has had seven printings since 2011, and is used by student leaders across the country.

The award-winning ASCAP songwriter, singer, and guitarist has cut a remarkable path.  During his thirty-plus year career, Suggs has produced and released five albums of his own songs.  He's also produced over a dozen releases for the independent label The Cascades Recording Company.  He's been named "The Very Best of The Best" in music by Campus Activities magazine.

He's also earned a Masters' degree in Instructional Design and Development from Florida State University, and studied with Dr. Robert Gagne and Dr. Leslie Briggs-- peers of B.F.Skinner.  Suggs has taught at FSU in both the College of Education and the College of Music.

To top it off, he was named "Best Campus Speaker of the Year" as voted by the school membership of Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities.  He's also at the top of Campus Activities magazine's "Hot Speaker Choices."  In addition to his musical and educational career, Suggs has taken a lifetime of volunteering experience and created a number of leadership development programs which have become a hot ticket at colleges across the country.

By the way, he's released a new CD named "Almost Christmas," and is currently restoring a 1974 Chrysler Mutineer sailboat.  And he shares the cover of a new book titled Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Kenneth Blanchard (famed author of The One-Minute Manager).

"I guess I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up," he said in an recent interview.  "The problem is, I want to do everything."

A life-long volunteer leader, Suggs is currently serving as the Chair of Florida's Big Bend Scenic Byway, named the most scenic drive in Florida by USA Today.  He is also the performing artist representative on the Council on Culture and the Arts (COCA), the state-designated local arts agency for Tallahassee, Florida. He is past president of the Tallahassee Museum, ranked one of the top ten museums in Florida. He received the "Museum Service Award for Outstanding Trustee" from the Florida Association of Museums. He has been on the board of directors of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), the Florida Flambeau Foundation, Inc., and the Musicians Association of Tallahassee. He's even been named "Volunteer of the Year" by WFSU-FM, the NPR affiliate in his home town. Del is also a Voting Member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammy Awards), and served on the committee which founded the Florida Chapter of NARAS.

Suggs is a contributing author to the 2008 book "Tour:Smart" by Martin Atkins (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, et al).  Other authors include Henry Rollins, Zim Zum (from Marilyn Manson), and more rock royalty.  There is also a chapter about Suggs in "Trop Rock Songs: Stories and Tales" by Andy Forsyth (2011).

Suggs was the third inductee into the National Campus Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2001.  "Performing Songwriter" magazine describes Suggs as "Jimmy Buffett jamming with the Indigo Girls and James Taylor."  "Dirty Linen," the acoustic/folk music magazine, said "his songwriting adeptness is a marvelous blend of depth and perception that never fails to inject serious subject matter with consistently entertaining music."
With his flowing hair and walrus mustache, Del Suggs is easily recognizable on stages all over the country.  Whether he's presenting a lecture on "Truly Leading," doing training in "Learning Reconsidered," or singing his own composition "Magic Chair,"  the audience is held in rapt attention by his talents.

Del Suggs is an original. He is one of those individuals who comes on stage as a stranger, and  leaves it as a friend.  That is a rare gift.

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