Professional Development Programs

Government and Public Sector Staff

Do you sometimes feel like you're falling behind your peers in terms of professional development?  Or are you current with the latest trends in management and productivity, but feel like the rest of your staff could benefit from some professonal development?  Del presents a number of excellent staff development programs for government and public sector  personnel. Whether you are considering a full-day or half-day In-service Training, a retreat, or a single one- or two-hour session, Del will improve your staff performance.

Del is pleased to announce his latest innovation--  Instant Assessment!TM  At the end of each program, students can complete an online assessment tool by using their smartphone, iPad/tablet, or computer.  The results will be available immediately, and can be provided to you as an excel spreadsheet and in graphic form complete with statistical analysis.  No more tabulating paper surveys and evaluations!

Del Suggs has a Master of Science Degree in Instructional Design and Development, and has served as an instructor at Florida State University in both the College of Education and the College of Music.  His programs are generally accepted for Continuing Education Credits for most professional organizations.

The following topics are available for your staff development training.  If you have addition content needs, please contact Del.  He may be able to develop a new program just for your specific need.   Each presentation takes approximately one hour.

How To Do Anything

(60 mins approx.)

What do you want to do? Be PTO President? Be President of the United States? Fly a plane? Be a movie star? Teach? Travel? This session will give you the tools to reach your goals. Success is a matter of goal setting and developing a plan of action. Achieving your goals is really pretty simple...whether they are basic or lofty, material or spiritual. First you have to set a goal, then develop a strategy to accomplish it. But, of course, you have to stay motivated. This session is perfect for a keynote, or as a lesson in achievement.

The Power of Interpersonal Skills

(60 mins approx.)

It is remarkable how important our interpersonal skills are in our lives. They effect every aspect of your personality and perception-- that is, how you are perceived by others. Interpersonal skills include everything from your manners and habits to your body language and posture to etiquette. Having good interpersonal skills can assure you get the promotion at the interview-- or a date for the weekend. They are that important.   This program will teach the power of good interpersonal skills. 

Avoiding Burnout

(60 mins approx.)

Burnout:  a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.
When the alarm clock goes off, do you hit the snooze button and roll back over?  Does your life and job remind you of the film "Groundhog Day"?  At one time you were excited about your job and eagerly embraced each day.  Wouldn't you like to keep that enthusiasm alive-- or bring it back to life? This session may be the answer.  Del Suggs, noted Leadership Development trainer, and author will inspire you with this quick lesson in Attitude Restoration.  Learn to recognize burnout in yourself, and some simple steps to regain the joy in your life and work.

Truly Leading

(60 mins approx.)

So you've sought a position of leadership (or had it thrust upon you). Now what do you do? Leadership can be a complex task, but True Leadership comes from both within and without. It begins by knowing yourself, and who you seek to be. In this session, we'll define leadership, consider the various elements and components. By understanding what followers look for and expect from their leaders, you can better develop the characteristics and attributes that will make you a better leader. This allows you to to Truly Lead by inspiring others to follow.

Team Building

(90 mins approx.)

Team building programs have traditionally taken a physical approach... but not every location has the capacity for a ropes course or other physical program.  Del has created a team building program that helps your staff to understand the intellectual concept of team work while simultaneously completing team bonding exercises.  This program was first developed by Del for college athletic teams, and proved so successful that he has transformed it into a staff development  team building.

Motivating Your Staff

(60 mins approx.)

Getting the best from your employees requires an understanding of human motivation.  All motivation in the work place must be intrinsic (internal), since you can't actually use extrinsic (external) motivators like punishment or physical harm.  Yet, it's surprising how many supervisors attempt to motivate their staff by threats or verbal abuse.  In this program, you will receive a refresher course in basic psychology to understand why and how your employees do what they do.  You'll also create a list of motivation opportunities and techniques that you can begin to use immediately to get better results from your staff.

The Art of Delegation

(60 mins approx.)

No one-- no matter how gifted-- can do it all.  Yet we see managers constantly overloaded with tasks they simply don't have the time to complete.  What can you do about it?  The answer is delegation.  This program helps you to understand what delegation is (it's not just giving some subordinate an assignment), and how to manage the delegated task so that it is completed. When properly utilized, delegation will result in better use of time for managers, improved job satisfaction by staff, and professional development for subordinates.  You can't afford not to delegate, so you better learn the art of delegation.

Conflict Resolution

(60 mins approx.)

Understanding Conflict, and how to resolve it, is a singular Interpersonal Skill that is the focus in this session.  After an assessment of the causes of conflict, and an exercise in resolution, you will come to understand the simple three step solution for conflict resolution. 

Making More Time  With Time Management

(60 mins approx.)

Time management is a lie-- we can't manage time.  What we can do is manage how we use the time we have.  This program deals with the "Three P's of Time Management":  Planning, Prioritizing, and Procrastination.  After attending this program, your staff will have some solid and useful tools for utilizing their time, and getting more done.  

Professional Conduct

(60 mins approx.)

It's a constant challenge in the workplace-- getting your staff to behave in a professional manner.  Staff conduct sets the tone for all the interactions that take place, both with the public, clients, and customers, but just as importantly, between fellow employees.  This program lays out the ground rules for good professional conduct, and calls on attendants to generate a list of not just acceptable but preferred conduct in the workplace.  Your staff can treat your customers and clients in a more professional manner.  They can also treat each other better, and that will raise the quality of your work product.

Where's My Cheese?  Rewards for the Rat Race

(60 mins approx.)

Today's public sector employees and government workers feel like they are under attack.  The deck is stacked against them by the current economic and political climate.  In short, they won't be getting a raise this year, and they know it.  But did you know that there are other ways to reward your employees?  There are things that you can do for your employees that they will treasure as much or more than money-- yet it may not cost you anything to implement!  In this session, we'll gather suggestions from your staff.  What would make their job better?  What can be done to improve their worklife?  You'll be amazed at the results, which will range from the very simple to enact all the way to outrageous suggestions that would be impossible.  But, most importantly, it's a chance to solicit ideas from your staff and let them know that their ideas are valued.